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Key Features

Automated Indoor Reporting

Preparing a report for high-rise buildings is a tedious job requiring a huge investment of man-hours. With our all-new Automated Indoor Reporting feature, you may now automate the complete in-building report and improve your operational efficiency.

Automated Indoor Reporting

Generating a report manually for such a comprehensive requirement is an exhaustive job that demands both time and extra resources, which ultimately increases reporting cost to the company.

What if

  • The number of floors to be reported is huge
  • Multiple frequencies have served each floor
  • Different technologies are being tested simultaneously
  • Indoor benchmarking testing is done
  • The statistics required are both consolidated and segregated

To overcome these roadblocks, we have developed a brand-new feature of Automated Indoor Reporting that allows users to completely automate the inbuilding report irrespective of number of floors, frequencies, technologies, etc. The feature also facilitates automaton of indoor benchmarking and is able to provide floor-wise statistics as well the consolidated statistics of whole building.