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Drive Test Reporting

Is the turnaround time your biggest bottleneck in report delivery?
Then you are at the right place. Capitalize on our reporting service that guarantees automated, error-free reports with best-optimized turnaround time.

Drive Test Reporting

Gladiator offers reporting as a service for the latest as well legacy telecom technologies. The service is not limited by the type of data collection software as we support files from both laptop-based and handset-based collection software.

With a pool of reporting and analysis engineers available, the reporting capacity could be scaled up and down depending on project requirements with no extra cost. Our cutting-edge automation technology could automate both the outdoor and indoor reports and that too in the report template of the customer. No matter the number of floors, frequencies, or technologies per floor tested, we could automate the complete indoor report. It boosts the overall project efficiency, reduces the turnaround time, and helps our customers in saving a handsome amount of money.

Our offerings:

  • Single Site Verification (SSV) / Single Cell Functionality Test (SCFT) reports
  • Single Site Optimization (SSO) reports
  • Cluster reports
  • Benchmarking reports
  • E911 reporting

Key benefits:

  • Turnaround time as low as 2 hours depending on the complexity of the report
  • Automation facility for both outdoor and indoor reporting
  • Multi-technology support (including 5G (NSA & SA) and IoT)
  • Voice, data, OTT services reporting
  • Error-free reporting
  • Accuracy and transparency
  • Cost-effective