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Network Benchmarking

The benchmarking scores are seen as a standard benchmark to identify the best performing operator in the geography. Gladiator Pro is the one-stop solution to achieve transparent and error-free benchmarking scores. The platform enables the user to process the log files at ultra-fast speed and the curated scripts help in delivering fully automated reports in just a matter of time.

Network Benchmarking

For performing a comprehensive benchmarking evaluation, major quality gates need to be addressed to guarantee the integrity of the final report.

These quality gates include defining of methodologies, use of standard formulae, and use of a standard ranking mechanism. Gladiator recommends to use the standard benchmarking methodology and QOS scoring suggested by ETSI. The standardized system helps in the fair comparison of overall performance of networks as well as the performance comparison at service level. The network performance benchmarking module is capable to support files from all the leading benchmarking equipment makers across all the technologies.

The module offers an additional feature of advance BI (Business Intelligence) reporting dashboards and analytics that helps operators in identifying the network faults and pushes them to further improve the performance of network. With streaming, web browsing and OTT service analytics, Gladiator provides operators with actual Quality of user Experience (QOE) which serves as key input in optimizing the network at service level. The Gladiator automation engine allows users to work with SQL database tables, hence the data is cleansed and plugged into the BI platform to generate interactive dashboards and advance analytics. With this module, the user may generate Voice and data performance report, scanner performance reports, service performance report, CXO dashboards, drill-down analytics dashboards, vendor performance dashboards, case studies etc.

Key Benefits

  • Works with both G-station pro and G-net pro
  • ETSI recommended KPI formulae and QOS scoring
  • Illustrates the performance down to a city or route level to identify poor performing areas.
  • Trends per week, month, quarter, year or custom time period
  • Cross tab analysis assists engineers to plan and optimize poor performing areas.
  • Custom-designed report output
  • SWOT analysis
  • Analyse as you visualize