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InBuilding Design

Take advantage of expertise in in-building design and DAS services to achieve seamless connectivity

InBuilding Design

Data is the new oxygen. With 4G and now 5G, the data usage is soaring exponentially which poses a new challenge to the wireless industry: Design networks that are not only sustainable but also futuristic.

The high-traffic locations such as shopping malls, sports complexes, airports, etc. present even a greater challenge of seamless coverage and capacity and minimum spillage. The Gladiator design services team acknowledges these challenges while crafting a robust indoor design that could fulfill the current and predictive needs of the customers.

Service offerings:

  • Prediction plots with criterion
  • Detailed DAS design
  • Number of antennas with location
  • Sector information
  • Cable routing
  • Combiners/splitters
  • Antenna EIRP report
  • Antenna link budget
  • Detailed BOQ

Key benefits:

  • Accurate and precise designs
  • Cost-effective DAS designs
  • First time right
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Seamless network experience