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Network Performance Monitoring

Improve your Network’s availability with Gladiator’s Network Monitoring Services

Network Performance Monitoring

To ensure the best accessibility, reliability, and availability, a network needs to be monitored 24X7X365. Gladiator offers the near real-time network monitoring service comprising of 15-minute ROP & hourly KPI and alarm reporting. Degradation of any level along with the reason is reported immediately to the concerned team to ascertain the fast recovery of degraded nodes.

Our offerings:

  • 24x7 KPI monitoring (15 mins/Hourly / Daily)
  • Special event monitoring services
  • KPI dashboards (Daily/Weekly)
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Incidence reporting with reasons and justifications
  • Monthly executive summary for C-suite executives
  • Monitoring services for other activities viz. Antenna swap, new site addition, network modernization, etc.